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Welcome to Interstate53!

Interstate53 is a free online tool to easily manage Amazon's AWS Route 53 service.

2014 Donation Drive

Help us take Interstate53 to the next level!

By sponsoring Interstate53 with your donation, you help us to add premium quality features while still keeping the site free of cost and ads!

Planned Features:

  • Bind Importing - Import your hosted zone data from BIND zone file format.
  • Bind Exporting - Export your hosted zone data to BIND zone file format.
  • DNS Vacuuming - Imports zones from existing nameservers. Although DNS Transfers are typically disabled, Interstate53 will be able capture a large amount of common records.
  • Editing of SOA - Adding support for editing of SOA records.
  • Editing of NS - Adding support for editing of NS records.
  • Changes & Push - Will add new functionality to push changes on accept thereby reducing one step.
  • Increased Speed - All transactions will be significantly faster.
  • Plus a breakthrough bonus feature!